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our occasionally pretentious Perspectives

We’re a small family gallery that would like to welcome you to our art-space.

At WoodchuckandFa, we believe art can take many forms, from the innovative and subversive think pieces, to the comforting aesthetic marvels, to the abstract physical poems trying to conjure up moods without words. In a sense, literally anything can be considered art if someone simply chooses it to be so.






And yet, just as a kick in the butt is mischief and playfulness between siblings, but a possible felony between strangers, art is only art when it has an audience it can communicate with. In that vein, Woodchuck and Fa would like to cordially invite you to our ass kicking gallery.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve curated our favorite creations as well as special artworks made by our talented friends and family.

Explore and Enjoy.

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our collections
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with strong opinions and remarkable perspectives

here are some of the artists on woodchuck and fa arts.  click to see their works and their perspectives


This is Woodchuck. Woodchuck is a jerk, but she makes nice stuff - just to be a jerk to the jerk community.

An expert fisherwoman, she occasionally moonlights as a mixed-media painter


This fool is Fa. Fa is short for Fahd. Fahd is long for "Also a Jerk." He makes nonsense because he doesn't know any better.

Working primarily with photography and digital media, his main skill is long hair


Madshak is one of the older sisters. We roped her into adding her photography to the site to make it even more of a family thing.

She likes taking pictures of nature and trees mostly

Dear Dr. Watson

Will is the talented brother-in-law who plays a doctor on a stage, but probably not to make the rest of us feel jealous... maybe.

Will is brilliant with acrylic ink, but works in other mediums as well,

Kate Finn Profile

Kate Finn

Kate is an artist buddy in England who had to be kicked into making art by her friends, but now that's she started, seems like the friends were right.
Kate makes brilliant collages with a variety of mixed media

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Lisha Rooney

Lisha is a friendly LA artist buddy in England who brings an uncanny ability to deconstruct, reconstruct, or just contextualize artworks and exhibitions,
Lisha specializes in helping us understand the art world around us.

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Art services

pride in one service, not the others, those are just ok

We use a 3rd party to frame the artworks and deliver them to you.  We’re artists, not expert framer people.  probably.

If you like something, we can send you a high quality clone of it, no problem.  If you want the original, check with the artist

Some of our artists make designs for apparel and accessories that you can purchase to support them.  Or if you just like the stuff

We can’t always accept commissions, but some of our artist might be be happy to create something just for you personally.  Just ask.