Artists who are jerks


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who we are

professional jerks? No! Arters!

we are a dubai born, US raised, family of jerk artists.   This gallery is meant to be a showcase of art that we want to share with the world and that we hope you’ll enjoy.  

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Fahd Shakir

Working primarily with photography and digital media, his primary skill is having hair.  


Mervat memoo

Woodchuck moonlights as a mixed-media maven

Photography Scientist


Madshak galavants around the world taking pictures when she’s not busy being a business lady  

dr Watson / INK WRESTLER

Will X Stanley

Will does everything from directing, to acting, to writing, but here we focus mostly on his brilliant ink works out of envy


pride in one or two services, the rest are just ok

we just wanted to create art, but apparently we have to know how to get it to people.  So that’s exactly what we’ll do.  here is what we can offer:

framing and delivery

We use an excellent 3rd party to frame the artworks and deliver them to you.  We’re artists, not expert framer people, probably.


If you like something, we can send you a high quality clone of it, no problem.  If you want the original, check with the artist

Gift Shop

Some of our artists make designs for apparel and accessories that you can purchase to support them.  Or if you just like the stuff


We can’t always accept commissions, but some of our artist might be be happy to create something just for you personally.  Just ask.