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Lisha Rooney

Amy Sillman's 'Landline'

Gallery: Camden Arts Centre

Timing: showing until Jan 6, 2021

My Lumen and I exploring #AmySillman pieces in her first solo institutional exhibition in the UK ‘Landline’, on @camdenartscentre until 6 Jan. 

The show includes paintings, gestural drawings, zines, video, and silkscreen print processes. The title of the exhibition refers to, among other things, a commentary on painting itself as a form of communication. And communicate Sillman does, about the emotional and psychological, the political and social, and she manages to address heavy topics with humour. 

Responded Sillman when asked whether she’s restless with her practice: ‘It’s more this instinct to get in trouble, and then get myself out of trouble. That’s what painting is for me. You can make a beautiful thing, but there’s no problem in it. I like the idea of doing a thing, wrecking a thing, questioning a thing to the point where you have pushed it to the edge, and then recuperating it.’ 

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