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Lisha is our friendly art expert.  

Bringing an uncanny ability to deconstruct, reconstruct, or just contextualize artworks and exhibitions, Lisha specializes in helping us understand and adore art.

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You can find her being brilliant in art galleries all around London, or @lisharoon


Explore the world of Art through Lisha’s perspective

One of the core aspects of Woodchuck and Fa is to help create as much art exposure as possible and somebody told us there was actually way more art than just what the seven or eight of us at Woodchuck and Fa were producing.  


Thankfully, along came Lisha, with her love of art and ceaseless explorative nature to help guide us through an entire universe of art (albeit somewhat limited to London for the moment).  


What follows below is her exploration and explanation of some especially brilliant exhibits, by artists established and enterprising, all throughout the art scene in London. We hope you can enjoy the artwork in person, but still be be able to appreciate it here, if you can’t

Especially Notable Exhibits