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Lisha Rooney

Chris Huen Sin Kan's 'Puzzled Daydreams'

Gallery: Simon Lee Gallery

Timing: showing until July 15 , 2020

Chris Huen Sin Kan works from his solo show ‘Puzzled Daydreams’ @simonleegallery. These large-scale oil paintings by the Hong Kong-based artist are derived from his own life, including domestic scenes with family members, pets, and familiar objects, such as toys, a basin, a rubbish bin, a mobile phone, flowers in a vase, and a chair. He incorporates surrealism, abstraction, and Chinese ink painting, the result conjuring up pages of a Haruki Murakami graphic novel, had he ever created one. Forgoing any preparatory sketches or painting from photographs, Huen relies on intuition and memory, allowing his pieces to evolve organically, with fragments, tangents, and a kaleidoscopic perspective. 

Writes Huen: ‘This experience of gazing, subjectively complete though objectively fragmentary, is exactly the pivot of my art. This is the universal and yet innate existential experience that I want to delve… The subject matter of my works is always based on my meticulous observation of my own private life through the gazing eyes. I do not want to miss anything around me because of the intimidating aura pressing from our materialistic society. I do not want to miss any delicate part of life itself.’ 

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