Eyes (2019)

    This work captures those moments, where the freedom of finding the unexpected and unusual around the next corner or through the next door is not questioned, and accepted as normal by the child.

    Eyes by Kate Finn Art

    Samhain (2019)

    It was a place where an ancient tree grew surrounded by the offerings from those in search of a cure for their woes and protection from their foes.

    Samhain by Kate Finn Art

    Muse (2019)

    I really love this piece. I think it’s good. But my muse hates it because she’s in it. Should I apologise? Nah...I’m too old and selfish to care what anyone else thinks. I mean who has time for that! And anyway it’s too late to change it now cos the glue is already dry.

    Muse by kate finn art

    Damn, They Missed

    I was in heaven. Hog heaven...with cheese on top. He was away for 5 weeks in South America snowboarding, which meant that technically, I was on holiday from him.

    Damn, they missed kate finn art

    Love Bomb (2018)

    This work was created during a very long conversation on speakerphone, with my friend Tracey. We were discussing the ins and outs of, How to spot the narcissist in your life?

    love bomb kate finn art

    Charles and the Golden Egg (2018)

    Where marrying a golden egg that lived nestled amongst my pants with a black and white photo from a book about Charles Bukowski, felt like the right thing to do. However, if you need to give Charles and the golden egg a raison d’être. All I can tell you is the act of making it (as with all my artwork) doctored my soul, nothing more, nothing less.

    Charles and the golden egg kate finn art

    Mine (2019)

    I wanted to let rip, speak my truth, but I held it all in and focused on all the drama and the consequences that would ensue if I did react. So I let it go and I took the higher road of silence. One that in my opinion is a pissy pot holed road which when taken often leaves you feeling bitter, grumpy and wanting to smash things.

    Mine kate finn art

    Nativity Circus (2015)

    I’m amazed that I had the balls to print this piece so large even though that in itself was immensely satisfying. The truth about this work is that going big felt good.

    nativity circus kate finn art

    Papua Hawaii (2019)

    This picture celebrates all the lies that I have ever told about my vacations when at the hairdressers.

    Papua hawaii kate finn art

    Tank (2019)

    Tank appeals to all the Artists that I know because according to them this work balances all the elements that you find in art, i.e. line, colour, shape, space, value, form and texture. What intrigues me is if the consensus about Tank is true, then how was something so balanced created in all that domestic chaos.

    Tank - Kate Finn Art 2019