Privacy Policy


We use Google Analytics to see how well our site is doing, just like virtually every site.  Part of that is collecting anonymized data about anybody that visits, such as which country they’re visiting us from, what sort of browser they’re using, and where they found us.


Email Collection

We don’t collect emails.  Any emails we receive through our contact forms are only handled by Woodchuck, Fa, and the artists that helped create Woodchuck and Fa – essentially, at most, about 7 family members and friends could possibly ever see the emails.  Naturally, we don’t sell emails, which we don’t collect to begin with.  Unless, you just happen to have an egregiously valuable email, in which case, now we’re intrigued and curious, but rest assured, wouldn’t know where to sell it even if we could.


All the artworks, and the images of the artwork, on the site are the sole property of the artists that created them unless otherwise specified.  Lisha Rooney’s art explorations are pictures from gallery exhibitions that she took herself.  We are fairly sure she does not actually own several galleries, she just enjoys sharing her wonderful views on wonderful art.