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Lisha Rooney

Rosie Leventon's 'Endangered Dust'

Gallery: Felix Spear Gallery

Timing: showing until Mar 25 , 2020

Rosie Leventon works from her solo show ‘endangered dust’ @felixandspear until 25 Mar. As the first ever recipient of the Felix & Spear Exhibition Prize for her drawing ‘Down’ (first one in this post), Leventon’s practice includes drawing, painting, land art, sculptures, and installations. Using such mediums as human hair, recycled mobile phones, paperback books, Celotex, stone, wood, concrete, and cast or powder-coated aluminium, Leventon addresses archaeology, the natural environment, death, rebirth and journeys from one state to another. Her outdoor installations often incorporate functional, regional elements and promote biodiversity and regeneration. 

Prior to art school, Leventon studied Chinese Language and Archaeology and sees herself as something of an archeologist who unearths symbols, rituals, ways of thought, and social organisation which are buried within the collective subconscious and are lost or forgotten in our contemporary society. I was reminded of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long land art, of Giuseppe Penone drawings, and of a sensibility that seems straightforward, but is actually deep-rooted and quite profound.

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