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About us

why do we art?

We’re a small family gallery that would like to welcome you to our art-space.

At WoodchuckandFa, we believe art can take many forms, from the innovative and subversive think pieces, to the comforting aesthetic marvels, to the abstract physical poems evoking moods without words. In a sense, anything can be considered art if only someone simply chooses it to be so.

And yet, just as a kick in the butt is mischief and playfulness between siblings, but a possible felony between strangers, art is only art when it has an audience it can speak to. In that vein, Woodchuck and Fa would like to cordially invite you to view us through our arts in our playfully ass kicking gallery.

For your mischief and pleasure, we’ve curated our favorite creations as well as special artworks made by our talented friends and family.

Explore and Enjoy.



Mixed Media


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the artists of woodchuck and fa arts.  click to see their exhibits


This fool is Fa. Fa is short for Fahd. Fahd is long for “Jerk.” He makes nonsense because he doesn’t know any better.  These other talented artists let him make this site for some reason

Mervat Memoo

This is Woodchuck, Fa’s youngest sister. Woodchuck is also a jerk and she makes lovely artwork just to be a jerk to the jerk communityin various mediums

Will X. Stanley

Will is the talented brother-in-law who you can find on stage at various theaters in NYC, and who makes stunning works with acrylic inks as well

Lisha Rooney

Lisha is a friendly LA artist buddy in England who brings an uncanny ability to deconstruct, reconstruct, or just contextualize artworks and exhibitions,
Lisha specializes in helping us understand the art world around us.

Kate Finn

Kate is an artist buddy in England who had to be kicked into making art by her friends, but now that’s she started, seems like the friends were right.
Kate makes brilliant collages with a variety of mixed media


Madshak is an another sister we roped into adding her photography to the site to make it even more of a family thing.

She likes taking photographs of nature and trees mostly

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Featured Collections

Whether elements of a story, or just representations of a specific time, place, or mental state, here are some of our artists collections

If Bukowski Ate my Brain

By: Kate Finn
  • Mine kate finn art
  • love bomb kate finn art
  • Kate-Finn-Artwork Chef 2019 collage

Being a Non-writer with something to say

By: Kate Finn
  • hobgoblins of little minds kate finn art
  • Monkey-47 kate finn art
  • Kate Finn Art A Shadow of Ophelia 2019 collage

A Passion for Penitence

By: Kate Finn
  • Monkey-47 kate finn art
  • Damn, they missed kate finn art
  • Papua hawaii kate finn art
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LIsha's Art World

The World is filled with wonderful art and Lisha Rooney helps us appreciate it properly in cotext

Hans Hoffman’s ‘Fury’

Lisha Rooney Hans Hoffman’s ‘Fury’ Gallery: Bastian Gallery Timing: showing until Aug 20 , 2020 Very lucky to catch this #HansHoffmam show ‘Fury: Painting after

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Some of our artists have made prints available for purchase. shop around and support them in creating new work